Monday, 1 July 2013

Beat depression in seven effective steps

How to beat depression in 7 effective steps.

Experiment the different methods given and see which brings you maximum happiness.

Repeat those methods as many times  as you like.Do it and see what happens.

1)Buy balloons. Fill them up and go to park or school at evening time.

  Take as many as balloons you can with you.Give them to the children coming
 out from school.See the happiness in their faces when you give them

  those balloons

2) Go begging.
   Colour your face,wear your old clothes .Disguise as a beggar.
   Go to a railway platform or where lot of people travel and do your business. It might be
    fun.At the end of the day donate the money to someone who really needs it.

3)Buy or collect some flowers.Give it to strangers on the road.

4) Be a daily labourer.
May be too much comfort has made you feel bored.Leading a different life will lift up your
spirits.Try to find out a physically challenging job.

5) Give food to animals.
   Feed stray dogs and other animals with the best food you have.See how they will gather
   around you. Love them with care and they will reciprocate your love.

6) Colour your hair with the strangest colour possible.Go and visit your friends.

7) Give your services for free for one single day. Offer any kind of help to
     your neighbours,parents,relatives,colleagues,strangers,anybody.
     Do it because you are helpful.

 You are free you create many such unique challenges for yourself.
 If you enjoy even a little. It is worth it.