Saturday, 15 June 2013


As parents  we will do everything to make the present  and future of our children better and
brighter.We invest our money in mutual funds and many policies to secure the financial future

of our children. But a necessary step which needs to be taken to complete our duty as a parent is to make our children self-dependent and  mature. And to show them the way to a great financial future.

How can this be done?

By teaching our children as to how to become an  entrepreneur in future.So that he not only
learns to be more confident,smart and self dependent  but also he learns how to handle risks
and deal with different kinds of people.

Bill Gates , Jeff Bezos , Steve jobs,Larry Page and Sergey Brin , Narayana Murthy and
many more persons like them have two strong similarities.

One is that they are among the wealthiest persons in this world .

And second is that all of them are entrepreneurs.

Learning by doing is one of the effective methods for mastering any skill.So by learning

entrepreneurship ,under your guidance ,your child will learn to take responsibility for his actions.

So that in future he won't have to join any job that he hates ,just to make ends

meet. Rather he will follow his  passion and make money by building a team of talented people
and leading them.

Children unlike adults have no fear and shame. So the best time to teach any person about
entrepreneurship is during his childhood.

This video exactly tells how can you do it

By taking this important step you are not only creating a financially strong future for your

kid,but also you will  be helping him to develop his communication skills.

Which will  greatly help him in his studies and many extra curricular activities during school.

As soon as he reaches adulthood, he would be  more confident about his present and financial

When  other students will be struggling to get a job with a decent pay, he will be following

his passion  by starting his own company with his own talented team.

Thus entrepreneurship  is  one of the most important life skills any parent can teach

their children .

 While learning entrepreneurship in their childhood, your support

in  every effort that they had taken will instil confidence in them .
As they grow up they will remember their failures as lessons and learn from them.

The video will help you in building the financial future you wish for your children.

This children friendly video will help to bring out the entrepreneur in
your kid. This will be one of the best gifts from your side,that  your child will  remember and enjoy.

You will be happy that you have taken this  important step as a parent.You might be the creator of the next multimillionaire..

Again ,this is the link

By Ankita Chandan
Graduate in business administration.