Monday, 15 April 2013


 Only you can improve your own self esteem.

Self-esteem is something which grows in you. It is the way you value yourself.
 The way you like to see or  treat yourself.
Tell me who is the most important person in your life?

If your answer is your mom,dad,friend or anyone else you need to reevaluate your priorities again.

You and only you are the most important person in your life.

You know yourself and love yourself in a way in which nobody can.

Only you know what you like most and what you don't.

Your happiness depends only on one person and that person is you.

This was an example of how you see yourself.

If in your mind you have a good image about yourself , you have a good self esteem.

If you think some one else is better than you , then there is some room for improving
your self esteem .

Q)What is the role played by our self esteem in our lives?

A-When our self-esteem is enough for us:

1. We enjoy our lives.

2. We enjoy our joys as well as our sorrows.

3. We forgive ourselves easily and love our self the way we are.

4. We become our favorite person and enjoy our own company very much.

5. We appreciate ourselves very much and love our self even when we fail.

6. Our happiness completely becomes dependent on ourselves.

7. We become more comfortable with our self and with the people in our life.

8. We can face all the difficulties and problems of our lives with strength and confidence.

9. We respect our self for who we are and what we become.

All this happens after self-acceptance and self -love.
Everything mentioned above, adds up to create our own healthy self esteem.

Q) How can we reach to such level or have a good self esteem?

Ans-The good news is, we already have a self-esteem.
Our self esteem fluctuates throughout our lives in different situations.
But to certain extent it is still in our hands.We can nurture it and totally enjoy ourselves.
You are totally awesome and now you know it.

Some practical suggestions on how to improve our self esteem and what can we do about it?

1) You are unique and no one can ever be like you.

Every person is different and so are you.You
have your own set of talents,your own specialties.

You are special and nobody can ever be like you.When you accept yourself the way you are,you

will start enjoying yourself and life becomes more fun.

2) Everybody has strengths as well as weaknesses.

There definitely are certain things in which you are good.
For example sports,arts,etc.It could be anything .

And there are certain things which might be little difficult for you.You might take a
bit more time than rest of the people.To love yourself more you need to accept your
weaknesses as well as strengths.

3) Every person is important and so are you .

It is easier to accept yourself than others.The more you love yourself the more important
person you become. The more your love and respect yourself, others respect you the same.

4) Making mistakes is human nature.

There is no such thing called perfection.Everybody makes mistakes and
fails every now and then.The most successful persons we see, have had
their own share of failures.We all know that scientists are a brilliant example for that.

5) Failure means growth.

The more you fail,the closer you come to success.
As you fail you learn.You gain experience. And gradually you move towards what we call becoming an expert or a successful person.Never ever lose hope.

Try like a child,fail like a child.

And enjoy like a child even when you fail. 

6) Learn from others and teach others what you know.

Sharing is caring.The more you accept yourself ,the more closer you become to
yourself and others .It is wiser to be different,then trying to be like others.
The more you share( what you are given by god),the more you self-worth increases.

7) Be kind to yourself and others.

When  you do things which makes you feel good, your self-esteem improves.
It pays to be your own best friend.Only you can truly love yourself.

8) Positive self-affirmation helps.

Find out 15 minutes daily for this exercise.
Choose a quiet and comfortable place.Repeat to your self the good things you like to do.
Praise yourself for the effort that you have made today towards your self-development.
Say things for which you are grateful to god.Your family,dog,job,your body,education etc.

Say kinds words to you .For example:"You are a good and helpful person."
Say all sorts of things (involving only you) which makes you happy.
Repeat this.Slowly you will start feeling good.

Do this exercise as often as you like.

With time you will begin enjoying this process more and more.
 You will see a gradual increase in your level of  happiness. 

With time this habit will become more permanent and you will begin to love
 and appreciate  your self more and more.

After some time and with a little effort from your side, you will develop a solid self -esteem .
A very helpful site is .Once again you have proved to you that you are totally awesome.