Sunday, 5 May 2013




1)Why become a teacher's pet ?...

Students who score high are usually students with a goal. But to achieve this goal they
will need the help of their teachers. So when you become close with your teacher they will
eagerly help you.

2)Become The Hero of your seniors

Guys/gals who are close with their seniors, are the ones who know more about their subjects.
Seniors help us not only in academics but also in various other problems related to school life.

3)A Winner helps others.

A student who always helps his classmates is a real genius. He not only earns the love and respect
of others, but when in trouble he gets help easily.

4)Why to be good to others?

When you are good to people around you, they are good to you.
You get peace of mind and become more successful in life.

5)Why your parents can be your next best-friend?

Parents might not enjoy everythng we say or do (because they are adults) but they love us.
The life that we face now , our problems and fears. They know most of it. When we share our
problems they share the solutions to those.They are like our godfather/godmother.

6)You are more important than your grades

Your dreams,your wishes,your hobbies and your friends are important. So study for
enjoying studies with all these things.

7)If you need good grades,become a teacher

Students whose teach others,remember the subject 95% more . By teaching others we help them
less and ourself more.

8)Participate in extra-curricular activities

To be successful you need to be happy. Happiness comes when you express your views, opinions
and feelings in front of others. When you participate in groups and solo activities, you lose your
shyness and become more open.

9)Know the world outside your studies

When your general awareness becomes more, you understand the world around you better.
Once you begin questioning and discovering facts , by the time you grow up into an adult
 you will  have a strong knowlege base.

10)Why co-operate others?

When the people around you are more successful they treat others with kindness and love,
(instead of being jealous of you).When you help others become successful,they will love to make
You successful.

So enjoy and celebrate your school life,because it happens only once.

Don't forget to share your school life incidents with me. I am eager to listen to you.

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