Monday, 6 May 2013


At certain times we have wanted to come first or be a topper of our class.
We all try to be one but how?. 

All you can do is to try your best to study everything .
I am writing these tips from my own experience. I am happy to share my experiences with you.

1)Practice and practice.You can join tutions if you like  more practice.

2)Read reference books.Your teacher can suggest you some good books. 

3)Try to study in a quiet and distraction free space.
4)Remember studying should be made easy.

5)If you think you are working hard  STOP.  Ask yourself how can you enjoy your subjects.

   May be you can make a documentary on a topic from your text book.

6)Fully use your available time.When you enjoy studying you  absorb more  
    amount of information.

7)If you get bored reading the same subject,then try to teach it to someone else.
     Always share your knowledge with others.

8)During your study time  forget about  friends and family. Enjoy your study time.

9) You can  see improvement in your academics as your concentration levels
     increases (i.e when you begin to enjoy studies).

Always be ready to ask your teachers  and friends for help.

10) Learn what   techniques other  students  of your class use while studying.

11)Enjoy breaks and participate in different fun activities at school.

Remember when you help others succeed, others love to help you to become succesful.

Have fun and happy studying.